Monday, February 9

2nd dungeon: ass kicked

Okay, so one bomb took care of the triceratops and now I have HIS triforce. I did the entire dungeon in like 2 minutes, is this a child's game or something!?

I had a much harder time trying to figure out where the hell that goddamn little fairy was in the forest. I SORTA knew, but looked for freaking forever until I found her. After I found her I went back and killed the 3 goblin guys in the dungeon for the silver boomerang, which is pretty sweet since it kills wimpy bad guys, but it was hard to get because they have these gargoyles shooting balls of energy at you and then a bunch of goblins attacking you with boomerangs.

That's why I needed the fairy to give me all my hearts back.

Oh, and that eastmost peninsula thing? It's either that dumb gambling place or I need the raft to get a heart thing.

Replaying this game after 20 years is fun. It's like I have mild ESP. I don't know where anything is, but I sorta have a sense of where it might be. I'll be like passing a screen and go, "Hmm... I don't know why, but I think I should place a bomb around here." And then I do! And then a one eyed goblin gives me money and tells me it's a mystery to everyone.

Touche, one eyed goblin. Touche.

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