Monday, February 9

Dungeon 3 and 4: owned, Dungeon 8 found!

Killed the crab clam thing with the bomb in level 3 super fast and found the raft pretty quick. I seem to always be finding the boss before the item. A few months ago when I was really drunk I got stuck on dungeon 4 forever but this time it went pretty quick, but I had to do some grinding beforehand. I bought my candle, and got the silver sword (is it the master sword? I can't remember, I just know I have to go to the cemetery to make it stronger), which now that I think of it I probably didn't get it last time which is why I couldn't beat the 2 headed monster. This time I did, yay!

Also got another heart container using the ladder, and burned down some trees to get some extra money. I used that money to buy arrows which I thought I needed to kill the dungeon 4 boss, but apparently I didn't. Also, some old man made me pay for his door. Your door is a tree? Fucking boomers.

Then I found level 5 (which I had no idea where to find until right after I finished level 4 and then it just popped in there) and got to the boss but he's a little floating yellow thing and I don't know what to do. Bombs? I don't have any bombs. I'm always running out of bombs.

Oh damn, I think you got to use the flute on him. Yeah, that's it. Gotta get me a flute. And I JUST now remembered that the flute opens up level 6 and 7.

Oh yeah, and I stumbled across level 8 when I was clearing brush. It's like in the easy section of the map. I did NOT remember that. How the fuck did I find this shit when I was a kid?

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